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Victim's Diary

It is known that the victim kept a diary because several copies, written in chronological order, were found after a search of her living quarters. These were reviewed by other staff and determined that the key element in Rachelle's diaries over the past two years has been her anxiety, anger and frustration with her life since winning the lottery.  Although nothing in her diaries indicated that she was making any particular plans, it appeared her anger was building up.  She had made lists of friends and family members with whom she was angry because they kept asking her for money (This information is detailed in the suspect dossiers).  Except for these lists, it was determined that nothing else was written that was particularly relevant to the case.  

However, after a search of her cabin after her death, her latest volume was discovered under her bed.  The last two pages were pulled out of the bound book.  However, through an imprint analysis, lab technicians were able to develop the following reproduction that provides some insights into the mind of the victim in the two days prior to her death.  Both entries are short but enlightening.  

         Entry 1

         Entry 2.

The victim's diary.  Two pages were removed and one page was found crumpled with ink stains.

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