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Patrice Ramira Paulo





5' 4"


149 lbs.

Marital Status:


Relationship to deceased:


Clothing worn:

White silk and black wool




Patrice Paulo works for a small chemical laboratory in the Chicago area and is a technician.  She is the wife to Steven Paulo, whom she married 20 years ago after she graduated from the University of Illinois.  She had one son, Benjamin, who was only slightly younger than Rachelle.  She was very fond of Rachelle because she was so kind to Ben and a good friend of his.

Patrice was somewhat close with her brothers, Richard, Michael and Peter; but being the only girl was difficult.  They were always treating her like a little child, even into adulthood.  Her father, Richard I, was distant and didn't think highly of having such an educated daughter.  He was afraid that a daughter who was a chemist would not be able to find a husband.  He was proven wrong when Patrice married Steven Paulo, world-renowned architect and real estate developer.  Patrice always enjoyed a very comfortable life after marrying Steven but she never forgot her roots.  She was very active in her community and help mentor young women who were pursuing careers in science. 

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