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Raylene Ramira - Extended Interviews





5' 4"


158 lbs.

Marital Status:

Married, 32 years

Relationship to deceased:




Clothing worn:

black wool 


Raylene Ramira got married when she was 24 after working at a bank for six years.  After having children, she never went back to full-time work but did sell Mary Kay cosmetics for several years when Rachelle was in middle school.  

Raylene and Rachelle had frequent battles about the way that Rachelle was living her life.  Raylene felt that Rachelle should be married because of the lottery winnings. Raylene felt that a man would be better able to handle so much money.  Although Raylene was not crazy about Mark Kotter, Rachelle's boyfriend, she felt that he was better than having nobody.  Rachelle did not appreciate her mother's meddling.

Raylene was also critical of the fact that Rachelle lived with her girlfriends, rather than at home.  Raylene never changed her daughters bedroom, in the hopes that Rachelle would move back in.  Rachelle thought this was crazy and told her so.

Raylene was at the banquet on the night of Rachelle's murder and had an argument with Rachelle about her not being married and living outside her "one true home."


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