Spring Harbor - The Death of Rachelle Ramira

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Reginald Ramira (and "Pesky") -  Extended Interviews





5' 9"


170 lbs.

Marital Status:


Relationship to deceased:

Older brother

Clothing worn:

red silk


Computer programmer


Reginald is the second oldest of the Ramira children but not particularly close with his sister.  He is single and, like Rachelle, used to get a lot of hassles from his mother, aunts and grandparents about that.  Reginald is not particularly fond of anyone in his family and does not see them for months, even years, at a time.  It was remarkable that he even went on the cruise at all.

Reginald spends over 70 hours per week working on an elaborate new computer programming system that he says will revolutionize the world of tracking finances for people.  He has a background in finance and was very offended when Rachelle never asked him to manage her lottery winnings.   He felt like she didn't trust him.  He has often asked Rachelle for a multi-million dollar loan so he could use the funds to launch his own software programming company but she repeatedly turned him down.

The only living creature that seems to get along well with Reginald is his cat "Pesky."  "She's the only one who understands me," he told investigators.



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